First and foremost, Halmos Holdings invests in people.  We believe that people, far more than ideas, drive investment success. Therefore, before we make investments, no matter how compelling the proposed returns or how intriguing the ideas may appear, we must firmly believe in the people behind them.

Having said that, Halmos Holdings (via related entities) has made investments in the following general areas:


We have purchased, either directly or in partnership with others, real estate properties including office, multi-family, residential, industrial, retail, self-storage, and special opportunities.


We have purchased land for current or future development and, on occasion, have made such purchases under special circumstances requiring a quick close.


We have made investments in various companies we believe in, though typically not first-round start-up financings.

For example:

Founded in 1995 by Steve Halmos with several senior managers from a previous company, The Reunion Group, Inc., 100% owned by entities under Steve Halmos’ control, markets and operates a variety of consumer services and loyalty programs in partnership with third party clients. Such clients have included Chase, Citi, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Spiegel, ExxonMobil, among many others.

In partnership with The Restaurant People, we have made investments in several restaurants including YOLO, S3, Fork & Balls, and Tarpon Bend.


We occasionally have purchased distressed debt from banks relating to commercial real estate.


We will consider special situations, but typically not start-ups or turn-arounds. We look for opportunities that involve people we believe in, who have a business model that has a track record of profitability. And, of course, such opportunities must be attractively priced, offer attractive returns, and entail manageable risk.